September: Flux


My friend Melissa said, if you want time to go by in a blur, have kids, and I’ve been thinking about how the seasons are flashing by in cinematic blinks as I watch the flowering trees and perennials at our new home bloom and tarnish, burst and scatter as if in time-lapse photography. I remember registering the lilacs and rhododendrons, the dogwood and all the bright new green as I left our house out of the front door in strong labor at 5:45 am on June 4th. Now, my baby has doubled in weight, and found a new register of his voice- high-pitched and exuberant, and we are floating through days like thumbing through thin pages of a colorful magazine. I walk every day now with him in the front carrier, drooling on the fabric, gazing happily up at tree tops and lulled to sleep. I wish we could switch places and I could be carried around by a nice warm momma, shuffling exhaustedly through yellow ash leaves and acorns. And since it is now fall, the metaphor has grabbed me: my son, an acorn- all encapsulated potential.
















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